Silver Plated Caviar Server- 2 shot glasses

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The classic server has a sleek design and it's intricate details immediately catch everyone's eye. The main bowl, generously sized, is filled with ice to keep the caviar and vodka ice cold. A small glass bowl with a silver lid is nestled in the center of the coveted delicacy. Surrounding it are two shot glasses, ready to be filled with your favorite vodka. The handles on both sides and at the top of the bowl cover are adorned with small fish figures. Not only is this set practical, keeping your caviar and vodka at the perfect temperature, but it is also elegant and adds a touch of sophistication to any dinner party.

Server + 2 shot Glasses 
Brass, Silver, Glass

1-2oz of caviar 

Care Directions:
Polish with soft cloth. Hand wash only 

Made in India